Qué significa "gas heat" en español


"gas heat" en español

gas heat
  • calor del gas
  • calor de gas
gas heater
  • calentador de gas
gas heating
  • calefacción de gas

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The home has gas heat and central air- conditioning.
I don't think the house-sitter used gas heat, but in any case used far more gas than we normally would in the house (hot water, presumably).
Continuous gas heat keeps the four ovens and two heating plates at a constant temperature.
There are also gas heat lamps, an outdoor shower, and four speakers hidden in the landscaping, in case you want to wake up the neighbours.
I turned on the gas heat, took the opportunity to do a bit of writing sans internet, and slept the deep sleep of the survivor.
More than 90 per cent of greenhouse gas heat energy is absorbed by the oceans, where temperatures spiked at the surface and in the depths.
Based on the flow of exhaust gas heat recovery system generator market can be further categorized as vertical and horizontal types.
More than half of the bugs' energy use went for gas heat and electric light.
Even if you had a gas range and gas heat you'd be out of luck because they use electricity for the pilot light.
As on the previous floor, there was an improvised system of metal pipes to remove the exhaust from a gas heater.
If you use a gas heater, inspect it to ensure there are no leaks.
Sisulu brought gifts for the family including a gas stove, a gas heater, beds, a kettle and baby clothing.
Soedjanto has a gas heater in the living room that is timer activated, so it's only on when it needs to be.
With three bedrooms and two bathrooms, it has an open fireplace in the lounge, air con and a gas heater in the dining area.
One of the girls felt cold and turned on the gas heater.
The couple slept in their room turning on the gas heater.
I had a gas heater for water and gas top stove and gas heater for qld winters.
In this room was a gas heater that had an improvised exhaust system attached to it made from bits of sheet metal hammered together.
I didn't know what a gas heater was or how to turn it on.
Features include mechanical heat recovery and gas heating, and the apartment has one parking space.
The apartments, some of which are already completed at the factory, are environmentally sustainable, featuring energy efficient appliances and gas heating.
The home comes with off-street parking for two cars, airconditioning and gas heating.
There is central air conditioning and gas heating.
For ducted gas heating, which can operate at efficiencies of less than 50%, the opposite is true.
Other features include ducted gas heating, lots of storage and a double lock-up garage.
A four bedroom top floor apartment on the third floor with gas heating.
The house includes eco-friendly multi-fuel stoves in tandem with gas heating.
In heating, it faces competition from renewables and from modern building methods which increasingly make gas heating superfluous.
Spanning 2,550 sq ft, the house has automatic entrance gates, underfloor gas heating and power showers everywhere.

Ejemplos de uso para "gas heat" en español

EnglishMy group believes that all gas-fired combined heat and power stations should be entitled to buy gas freely.
Mi grupo opina que todas las centrales de PCEC tienen derecho a una libre compra de gas.
English'Stupid' energy would use electricity and gas to heat the air outside buildings rather than insulating the buildings.
La energía «estúpida» utilizaría electricidad y gas para calentar el aire fuera de los edificios en lugar de aislar los edificios.
English'Stupid ' energy would use electricity and gas to heat the air outside buildings rather than insulating the buildings.
La energía« estúpida» utilizaría electricidad y gas para calentar el aire fuera de los edificios en lugar de aislar los edificios.
EnglishThe European Union Member States are becoming increasingly dependent on gas for heat and electricity.
Los Estados miembros de la Unión Europea dependen cada día más para su abastecimiento energético del gas como fuente de calor y de producción eléctrica.
EnglishThat is why many countries found themselves in a situation without heat and gas at the start of last year, despite all the solidarity and goodwill of the EU.
Es por eso por lo que muchos países se encontraron sin calefacción y sin gas a principios del año pasado, a pesar de toda la solidaridad y la buena voluntad de la UE.

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