Qué significa "gas lamp" en español


"gas lamp" en español

gas lamp
  • lámpara de gas

Ejemplos de uso para "gas lamp" en inglés

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A policeman was smoking a cigarette with two girls under a gas lamp.
The prayer room was lit by the dull flame of a gas lamp.
Arson investigators said that initial investigation pointed to a gas lamp that fell on the floor as the cause of the blaze.
Toilet rolls were improvised for candle holders as a gas lamp that was placed in the centre of a tent was insufficient to light the polling station.
A magnificent clock overlooks the courtyard and beneath it is an old gas lamp fitting.
Traditional adivasi drama is held open air, jatra style, in the light of a gas lamp if at all.
Three children were playing in a heap of rubbish last week when a gas lamp exploded, leaving them with serious burn wounds.

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