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"gas leases" en español

gas leases
  • arrendamientos de gas

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Blackfeet leaders consider these oil and gas leases, spread over 30,000 acres, to have been granted illegally in 1982.
Chesapeake also said several state government agencies have asked for documents in connection with oil and gas leases.
He was under investigation on suspicion of illegally selling partnerships in oil and gas leases.
This includes but is not limited to; deeds, mortgages, oil and gas leases, and plats.
Existing oil and gas leases will remain, but the province will not approve any new ones.
What the page doesn't say is that these oil and gas leases will limit all access to the area.
The company now holds a half-million hectares of natural gas leases in the basin.
The newspaper has appealed the office's refusal to provide the newspaper records of natural gas leases in an electronic format.
The way natural gas leases work is that companies pay upfront fees, plus ongoing rental fees for leases of a specified term.

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