Qué significa "gas pipe" en español


"gas pipe" en español

gas pipe
  • tubo de gas
  • tubería de gas
gas pipeline
  • gasoducto

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According to multiple reports, the package discovered was a cell phone strapped to a gas pipe.
The wheelie bin was alight right next to a gas pipe, she said.
Who in their right mind would put poorly insulated electrical wiring in close proximity to a gas pipe?
He said the kitchen, where the gas pipe is located, was never touched.
The gas pipe is connected to the kitchen fireplace through control valves.
Gazprom is the largest gas pipe operator with 32% of its capex dedicated to this business in 2015.
Witnesses reported hearing a loud, prolonged rushing noise from the damaged gas pipe that sounded like a jet engine.
They found a small gas pipe, which they use for cooking, as well as a small flashlight.
The gas connection, gas pipe and regulator etc will be provided free of cost.
There's an existing gas pipe out there now that's been in the ground for 30 years.
The project is accessible by road all year round and is located near major highway, rail, high-voltage power and gas pipeline.
They can also seep into and corrode the steel in lengthy stretches of oil and gas pipeline.
An aerial photograph shows the path of the destructive fire that started with an explosion in an underground natural gas pipeline.
As a safety conscious organisation, we took extreme care in building this natural gas pipeline.
Gas pipeline vandalism has been the most disruptive challenge to supply across the country.
Also, the gas pipeline cost should be shouldered by the gas company, where it actually belongs.
I've seen this repeatedly along gas pipeline and sewer right of ways in nature preserves.
When a gas pipeline breaks, gas quickly spreads in the dirt and forms a volatile cloud in the air.
The early realisation of this gas pipeline project will advance our shared goals of energy security and regional prosperity.

Ejemplos de uso para "gas pipe" en español

EnglishThe Union, which is a strong manifold entity, and Russia, which is a superpower, should stop behaving like two towns connected by nothing more than a narrow road and a gas pipe.
La Unión, una entidad múltiple y sólida, y Rusia, una superpotencia, deben dejar de comportarse como dos pueblos unidos únicamente por una carretera estrecha y un gasoducto.

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