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gas turbine
  • turbina de gas

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All technical tests of the first gas turbine including performance, sound, temperature and vibration proved to be successful.
Another proposal being considered is to use a combined main power plant, including both nuclear and gas turbine units, on the aircraft carrier.
It is used as an efficiency improver for conventional gas turbine generation because if used independently the round trip efficiency is very poor.
That feat of engineering comes courtesy of a "sophisticated, hi-tech natural gas turbine" that charges the battery while the truck is on the road.
The complex also has its own gas turbine that reduces energy usage by 20% and carbon emissions by 27%.
The resultant high-temperature gas is directed to a gas turbine through a nozzle, which results in the rotation of the turbine.
An additional exhaust gas turbine can be fed with excess exhaust gas that is not needed for turbocharging.
Large number of long term service agreements for gas turbine services are also seen this region.
Sylva bought brand new gas turbine which the present government has failed to maintain.
Designed for survivability, the ships incorporate all-steel construction and have gas turbine propulsion.

Ejemplos de uso para "gas turbine" en español

EnglishAdditional means of meeting the demand for energy, such as combined gas and steam turbine plants, can also be discussed, of course.
En él se integra, naturalmente, el debate sobre las formas alternativas de satisfacer las necesidades energéticas, por ejemplo mediante centrales de gas.

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