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gaseous state
  • estado gaseoso

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Being already in a gaseous state, it mixes swiftly with air in the combustion chamber to permit near complete combustion.
Scientists have now discovered that heating this graphite core converts the radioactive waste into a gaseous state.
When warmed and returned to a gaseous state, it can be injected into the nation's pipeline network.
The electrolyte may be in solid, liquid, or gaseous state.
The world is filled with dangerous goods found in solid, liquid or gaseous state.
It takes up about 1/600th the volume of natural gas in the gaseous state.
The technique involves the absorption of optical radiation free atoms of a specific chemical element in the gaseous state.
It's known that gases such as carbon dioxide remove flavour components from a beverage as they move from the dissolved to gaseous state, percolating up in the form of bubbles.
Sublimation occurs when a substance transforms directly from the solid to gaseous state.
Cryogenic engines are rocket motors which are designed to hold fuels at very low temperatures in a liquid state, instead of changing them into gaseous state.

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