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gasoline blend
  • mezcla de gasolina

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Moreover, naphtha is primarily used for gasoline blending and increasing demand for gasoline is anticipated to fuel demand for naphtha across the globe.
The increasing demand of high octane reformates for gasoline blending and hydrogen for other refinery operations is proving beneficial for the reforming unit market.
Biofuels tried to make a comeback in the 1930s in the form of gasoline blends.
Rising demand for gasoline across the globe is anticipated to boost naphtha consumption for gasoline blending in the coming years.
Ethanol is made from agricultural crops such as sugar and is used in the gasoline blend.
Refiners, food producers, restaurants and some environmental groups have fought governments efforts to require increasing amounts of ethanol in gasoline blends the next few years.
Reforming unit changes the molecular structure of crude and coker naptha to produce reformate which is a high octane primary gasoline blend stock.
Transportation accounts for 31% of total consumption, with ethanol used in gasoline blending accounting for most (90%) of the total.
The higher octane value of isobutanol is one reason that many biobutanol producers making the isobutanol molecule are targeting the gasoline blending market.
No word on his current position on the ideal ethanol/gasoline blend, suggesting that the campaign's exhaustive review is still underway.

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