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"gasoline can" en español

gasoline can
  • lata de gasolina

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Regular unleaded gasoline can be had for well under $3 a gallon.
Leaking oil and gasoline can pollute water and streams.
The price of gasoline can, and as of this writing, has moved downward from its $4/gallon level, due mainly to falling demand.
Though too polite to say it, he leaves us to draw the obvious conclusion that all the companies making renewable gasoline can go home now.
There is the argument that because the motor is running richer or colder temperatures, the gasoline can wash down the cylinder walls.
Barahona's son was inside the vehicle next to an open gasoline can, according to the probable-cause affidavit.
A full 5-gallon gasoline can was found on one side of the basement; a locked natural-gas line was disconnected from a boiler on the other.
Battery-powered cars offer many environmental benefits, but a car with a full tank of gasoline can travel further.

Ejemplos de uso para "gasoline can" en español

Englisha 4 gallon gasoline can

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gasoline sustantivo
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