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"gasoline price" en español

gasoline price
  • precio de la gasolina

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I am very happy that the gasoline price is lower because if the gasoline is expensive, it will take a bigger chunk of my paycheck.
Two-thirds of the gasoline price is based on the oil price.
At the same time, the domestic ethanol price is fixed at a percentage of the gasoline price, which has declined along with global crude prices.
That increase would have totaled 5% excluding gains from gasoline price inflation and stronger foreign currencies.
Nigerians have become so stoic about everything that they are taking speculations about another increase in gasoline price in stride.
Mexico's gasoline price ceiling increase is part of a government plan to move away from set prices for fuel.
The lower the gasoline price the more money that's available to spend elsewhere.
In more recent years, without gasoline price controls, the country has not suffered such shortages of fuel.
Officials later said they used a rate of 285 per dollar to calculate the new gasoline price.

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