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"gasoline tax" en español

gasoline tax
  • impuesto a la gasolina

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At one point conversation focused on the possibility of raising the gasoline tax to pay for road and bridge improvements.
Members of the senate last year supported an increase in the gasoline tax to paid for road repairs.
Should there be an increase in the gasoline tax to pay for the suspension bridge that will bring railroad traffic to the deep-water port?
I can't imagine him increasing the current federal gasoline tax; can you?
The 18.4-cent-per-gallon federal gasoline tax, which funds highway and transit infrastructure, has not been raised since 1993, even to keep pace with inflation.
Legislature enacts a 1 percent per gallon gasoline tax, with part of proceeds going for highway construction.
Californians pay 62.8 cents per gallon, the highest gasoline tax in the country.
State lawmakers are considering adding a dime to the gasoline tax per gallon to improve roads around the state.
He also promises to bring back a proposed gasoline tax increase to inject new money into transportation.

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