Qué significa "gastrointestinal function" en español


"gastrointestinal function" en español

gastrointestinal function
  • función gastrointestinal

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He and other gastroenterologists would help "many more of their patients if they were to read the growing literature of the value of this eating plan on gastrointestinal function".
In the short-term, babies can benefit from improved gastrointestinal function and development, and fewer respiratory and urinary tract infections.
Known health benefits include improved gastrointestinal function and enhanced immunity.
Gastrointestinal function improved, and those who spent most time upright and walking saw the most improvement in bowel control.
Patients' walking independence improved significantly, and they exhibited improvements in gastrointestinal function and skin condition as well.
Zinc deficiency affects more than two billion people worldwide and can impair the immune system, gastrointestinal function, and brain development.
Xia ku cao could lower blood pressure and protect the liver, but should be avoided by those with poor gastrointestinal function or rheumatism.
Inflammatory bowel conditions lead to altered gastrointestinal function.

Ejemplos de uso para "gastrointestinal function" en español

EnglishThe effect of additional epidural opioid on gastrointestinal function is so far unsettled.
El efecto de los opiáceos epidurales adicionales sobre la función gastrointestinal es, hasta ahora, incierto.

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