Qué significa "gastrointestinal infections" en español


"gastrointestinal infections" en español

gastrointestinal infections
  • infecciones gastrointestinales

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To do this, they used a mouse model known to have gastrointestinal infections -- acute and chronic -- similar to humans.
The team behind the project reported that people who used the service on the whole reported fewer gastrointestinal infections.
Gastrointestinal infections are one, dietary sensitivities another, but the key thing is stress.
People can start to experience certain types of disease like eye, nose or throat infections or possible gastrointestinal infections.
It found that most categories of infectious disease have risen, with the main contributions coming from increases in respiratory, skin and gastrointestinal infections.
He added that in the existing weather conditions, people should consume boiled water and hygienic food to avoid diarrhoea and other gastrointestinal infections.
He said contaminated water is a major cause gastrointestinal infections and can also cause damage to organs such as the kidney and liver.
It can cause skin infections and gastrointestinal infections if ingested or exposed to open wounds.
Bleeding, gastrointestinal infections and diarrhea are some of the common symptoms during gastrointestinal disorder.
There are more gastrointestinal infections caused by campylobacter than any other bacteria.

Ejemplos de uso para "gastrointestinal infections" en español

EnglishLactoferrin, a substance normally present in human milk, may be effective against infections and gastrointestinal injury.
La lactoferrina, una sustancia normalmente presente en la leche materna, puede ser efectiva contra las infecciones y las lesiones digestivas.
EnglishThe only adverse effects reported were small numbers of gastrointestinal bleeds, infections and deterioration of hyperglycaemia across both groups.
Los únicos efectos adversos que se reportaron fueron un bajo número de hemorragias gastrointestinales, infecciones y agravación de la hiperglicemia en ambos grupos.

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