Qué significa "gate pass" en español


"gate pass" en español

gate pass
  • pase de puerta
  • paso de la puerta

Ejemplos de uso para "gate pass" en inglés

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Many members of the aspiring cosmopolitan middle class thought these schools would be the playground for global citizens, and a gate pass for achieving a higher status.
Moreover, every guest will be provided with a gate pass for entry and exit.
The lack of connection could be a gate pass for an affair.
The owner left the gate pass inside the vehicle.
The perfect vehicle would be one, whose owner forgot the gate pass inside the car.
A webcam captures the visitor's photograph and a gate pass is issued.
For every vehicle carrying or taking away goods from the staff colony, a gate pass is issued at the entrance.
He wouldn't have been allowed to drive the vehicle out of the premises without the gate pass.
Nobody is allowed to drive in or out of the church premises without the gate pass.
Visitors can use the library and research room without anything more than a gate pass from the main entrance.

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