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gateway cities
  • ciudades de puerta de enlace

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Housing demand in both cities continues to surge because both are characterized as global gateway cities; they attract immense amounts of internal and external immigration.
So now we are building up our recurring income - rental income - through investment properties in global gateway cities.
Jamaica, easily accessible via non-stop flights from many major gateway cities, is 146 miles long with mountainous peaks soaring to 7,402 feet (2,256 meters).
Thompson asserts that the overarching goal is to provide as much coverage as possible beyond the major gateway cities.
Globally, investment interests in the major gateway cities continued to be strong, as investors chased high yielding assets in an environment of low inflation and interest rates.
This expansion will mainly be in major gateway cities and up-and-coming leisure destinations, he said.
While we have many urban hotels in gateway cities under construction, our primary focus shall be leisure travel.
He is working on his second book on the topic, about housing bubbles in gateway cities.
Davidson and other investors contend that 24-hour gateway cities retain enough buyer demand, even in hard times, to provide an out when an owner needs to unload a property.
However, as pricing in major gateway cities are at record levels and given the shortage of investable real estate assets, these factors could play a part in limiting investment activity.

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