Qué significa "gather a storm" en español


"gather a storm" en español

gather a storm
  • reunir una tormenta
  • recoger una tormenta

Ejemplos de uso para "gather a storm" en inglés

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It's up there all the time, like gathering storm clouds.
The once golden straw bundles are now frayed and decayed and increasingly captured by a dark grey complexion that dulls their exterior coating, like gathering storm clouds.
You will agree with me that there is a kind of gathering storm in the polity today obviously because of the sharp increase in fuel pump price.
Amid crashing markets and gathering storms, national leaders are seeking to restore confidence by assuring their citizens they have everything under control.
The past year has seen the manifestation of several vulnerabilities that gathered a storm of media attention.
But there are gathering storms on the industrial landscape too, with the real prospect of a meltdown in public transport.

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