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"gather berry" en español

gather berry
  • juntar baya
  • reunir bayas

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Hunting, fishing, gathering berries and trapping occurred during different times of the year.
Your worries are about food, weather, gathering berries and catching fish.
Men do not have to hunt and women do not have to gather berries and breed children.
They are, though, allowed to enter their former habitat to gather berries and small plants for herbal medicine - a key aspect of their ancient heritage.
An inky pitch blanketed the world making it very difficult for anyone to hunt or fish or gather berries for food.
Once upon a time, the men ventured out to hunt bison while the women stayed behind to dust the cave, gather berries and raise the very hairy children.
Many of its residents rely on the forest for hunting, trapping, fishing and gathering berries and plant medicines, they say.
The simple times: having your only barracks nearly razed by a horde of enemies while your villagers blissfully gather berries and chop wood.
The subsistence way-of-life that has sustained these communities for millennia; fishing, hunting and gathering berries, does not provide the cash income needed to purchase fuel, supplies and pay for utilities.
They gather berries and mushrooms in the summer.

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