Qué significa "gather the courage" en español


"gather the courage" en español

gather the courage
  • reunir el valor

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I write this for every student who's been subjected to such treatment but hasn't been able to gather the courage to report it.
It has taken me a few days to gather the courage to update about this matter...
It has taken me until now to gather the courage to follow my dream and try my best to turn it into reality.
It took her 55 years to gather the courage to tell her story to the police.
Millions of workers who believe the recession is over have started to gather the courage to ask their boss for a holiday, an official report said today.
Obviously, he is yet to gather the courage to show his face.
They struggle to survive and to gather the courage to fight for their identities.
To gather the courage to take a rope, tie it to the roof, hang yourself, and wither in pain till the rope squishes the life out of you, takes guts.
I had to gather courage and take it up with my parents.
In the quest, nostalgic memories and the environment will scare you but one needs to gather courage and continue searching.

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