Qué significa "gather the data" en español


"gather the data" en español

gather the data
  • recopilar los datos

Ejemplos de uso para "gather the data" en inglés

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Nokia provided phones for initial testing and the technology to gather the data.
The more handheld devices used in the field to gather the data, the better.
There were 25 contract employees on field to gather the data.
We have to gather the data, analyse it, and then do something about the problem based on the analysis.
We put the question to many of the network and studio executives and talent agents we query every year to gather the data.
Efforts to gather data on air pollution is part of a wider trend that may be called "citizen science".
It has launched a survey to gather data on the membership of various cycling clubs and interest groups.
Kimbell wasn't able to gather data on lowest snowfall on that date.
The app is using people's phones to gather data on what they are talking about, it has been claimed.
At its core, the function of anticipatory design is to gather the data necessary and move from the era of personalization to automated decision-making.

Ejemplos de uso para "gather the data" en español

EnglishInstead, there was the proposal to build new data sets and gather new data.
En cambio se propuso construir nuevas series de datos y recoger nuevos datos.
EnglishThis is used to gather accident data on which to base health and safety policy.
Se utiliza para reunir datos sobre accidentes a partir de los cuales basar la política de salud y seguridad.
EnglishDo you agree and who should gather the data then?
¿Están de acuerdo en que deberíamos recopilar esa información?
EnglishIt cannot gather this data directly. I will clarify this for you.
Para dar al Parlamento Europeo una visión más completa sobre este asunto, permítanme unas aclaraciones complementarias a este respecto.

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