Qué significa "gather the signature" en español


"gather the signature" en español

gather the signature
  • reunir la firma

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After the petition is filed, the member is given 30 days to gather signatures.
Swenson said about 100 people had gone out to gather signatures, meaning each would need to collect at least 314.
The challenge process eats up precious time proponents could use to gather signatures and often the clock runs out.
The two only had a week to gather signatures and draw a conceptual plan before the city's deadline.
According to the group, they were also able to gather signatures of representatives from different countries' blind sports associations.
Volunteers will attend stands at many community fairs and events over the next two months to gather signatures of residents from within these four suburbs.
The mayor also denied allegations that he used the distribution of financial assistance to senior citizens to gather signatures for his election protest.
Through a petition campaign, the group hopes to gather signatures for a ballot initiative this fall.
For the recall referendum, the process of gathering signatures is under way.
They gathered signatures, and wrote a ballot measure.

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