Qué significa "gather wood" en español


"gather wood" en español

gather wood
  • recoger madera
  • recoger la madera

Ejemplos de uso para "gather wood" en inglés

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He says that they used to walk five kilometers from home to gather wood, spiders and camachile.
Modern fuels for cooking and heating relieve women from the time-consuming drudgery and danger of travelling long distances to gather wood.
Next day he goes off to hunt, and then she leaves the lodge to gather wood.
She walks 20 miles round trip to gather wood, which is a tough and potentially dangerous journey.
The women are up before dawn every day and walk for miles to gather wood.
They are high up in a pine forest to gather wood.
To build a makeshift house, she and her husband foraged for days among the debris to gather wood, galvanized iron sheets and whatever else they could find.
Instead, people gather wood to light bonfires in the evening, which they huddle around and jam with mandolins and guitars on the dimly lit beaches.
Meanwhile, we gather wood, light fires and cook goodies from the boothy or nearby farm shop.
Sabotaging a vessel, helping a stranger gather wood, or building a floating fortress and sailing through the world.

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