Qué significa "gathering darkness" en español


"gathering darkness" en español

gathering darkness
  • oscuridad que se reúne
  • recoger la oscuridad

Ejemplos de uso para "gathering darkness" en inglés

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And then, through the gathering darkness, the snow began to fall.
F1 qualifying is a tense affair in the gathering darkness.
It is not my taste in music, but back in my cabin it is pleasant to listen to their disembodied voices as woods glide by in the gathering darkness.
She hurried back to her bag of books by the road, tucked it under her arm and began to run home in the gathering darkness.
We didn't leave until nearly five, as the gathering darkness brought the cool night air.
The face above peering into the gathering darkness was drawn and tense.
In the surrounds, people were fighting against the gathering darkness to salvage as much as they could and rebuild.

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