Qué significa "gathering gloom" en español


"gathering gloom" en español

gathering gloom
  • recogiendo penumbra
  • recogiendo la oscuridad

Ejemplos de uso para "gathering gloom" en inglés

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He was pointing just ahead of me in the gathering gloom.
I hoped to find a bit of levity within the gathering gloom.
Late in the day, in the gathering gloom, an increasingly vocal crowd were evacuated after something activated the grandstand fire alarm just after 5pm.
The seasonal metaphor, with all its considerable literary freight, adds to the gathering gloom.
There is one small glimmer of light in the gathering gloom.
The outlook adds to the gathering gloom around the industry.
She makes a hot chocolate and gestures at the gathering gloom outside.
Donegal were easing home, lighting a golden lamp against the gathering gloom of evening.
Broken only by the radiance of a single energy-saving light bulb, the gathering gloom will at least help conceal the accumulating mountains, nay ranges, of dust.

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