Qué significa "gathering spot" en español


"gathering spot" en español

gathering spot
  • punto de reunión

Ejemplos de uso para "gathering spot" en inglés

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A grand staircase acts as a gathering spot for library patrons to read, meet and chat.
A sanctuary garden with tall trees offers a gathering spot for groups.
Built in 2003, the dome is a gathering spot for those looking for internal peace to achieve universal peace.
The frontier saloon, for example, was a gathering spot for men to discuss politics and business, but tablefuls of poker players would have been missing.
The market is also a gathering spot for the latest news, and lately that news has been dominated by talk of oil.
The setup would create a space for the women to age in place, and could also serve as a gathering spot for the community.
They raised their seven children there, and it became a gathering spot for family.
At the time, the agricultural centre didn't have much of a gathering spot.
It is a gathering spot, especially during festivals.

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