Qué significa "gaudy numbers" en español


"gaudy numbers" en español

gaudy numbers
  • números llamativos

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The important thing to remember when seeing these gaudy numbers is that most players won't make the full amount shown.
Neither team confirmed the gaudy numbers, but both voiced delight at locking up players they see as key to their futures.
He didn't put up the gaudy numbers some others did, as he was a reliever as a freshman (an amazing one) and he won just eight games as a sophomore.
Ronde won't be a first-ballot enshrinee, but his gaudy numbers eventually will carry the day.
Even with those gaudy numbers, it's not just the production that's spectacular -- it's the way he's doing it.
The magnitude of all those gaudy numbers didn't really begin to sink in until after the game.
Davis put up the gaudy numbers despite exiting the game with an apparent back injur.

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