Qué significa "gauge audience" en español


"gauge audience" en español

gauge audience
  • audiencia de calibrador
  • medir la audiencia

Ejemplos de uso para "gauge audience" en inglés

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He said it allows the reporter to gauge audience reactions, assess strengths and weaknesses and, most importantly, note what candidates are saying to members to get elected.
This can be used to gauge audience reactions in a conference or a keynote.
Amid all the zaniness that ensues, casts can slip in scenes they have been considering for their show and gauge audience reactions.
Walker said he's made an effort to be at every screening to gauge audience reaction.
Promoters gauge audience and premium cable demand and then arrange the fights according to what they believe will generate the most interest (and thus, money).
The film industry works with an actor only when they gauge audience behaviour.
The initial use cases were targeted toward online digital content in media and advertising to gauge audience response.

Traducciones similares para gauge audience en español

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