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"gauge cluster" en español

gauge cluster
  • grupo de indicadores
  • grupo de medidores

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Here's the screen that replaces the gauge cluster.
The gauge cluster, where the speedometer lives, is also a customizable eight-inch computer screen with speed and information displays in splashy colors.
There's even a corresponding graphlike display in the gauge cluster.
Attention to detail is especially evident in the gauge cluster and door panels.
Tesla redesigns the interfaces for the gauge cluster and touch screen and adds a brake-hold system.
Behind the steering wheel, the 8-inch digital gauge cluster is sharp and useful.
The central digital gauge cluster is not state-of-the-art crisp, and the infotainment touchscreen is clunky and slow to respond.
Kenworth has located the five-inch driver performance centre display on the primary gauge cluster behind the steering wheel, yet clearly visible through the wheel.
There is a triple gauge cluster with the speedometer being the largest in the center and therefore the easiest to read.
You can even configure the seven-inch gauge cluster display to either show you analog or digital gauges.

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