Qué significa "gauge reaction" en español


"gauge reaction" en español

gauge reaction
  • reacción de calibrador
  • reacción del medidor

Ejemplos de uso para "gauge reaction" en inglés

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Perrault will be doing follow-up evaluation phone calls with those who attended in the coming weeks to gauge reaction from the event and listen to feedback.
So they began introducing new dishes as specials to gauge reaction from customers.
Everything is parsed, examined, subjected to test runs, raised and flown from the nearest flagpole, to gauge reaction, and then put through a tortuous process or realisation.
We said we would do it for three years and gauge reaction and whether we wanted to continue it in the years ahead.
Acura is expected to gauge reaction to the car before committing to building the roadster.
Furthermore, politicians fly trial balloons all the time, to gauge reaction before ever making a public proposal.
That is a very different game from traditional person-to-person, where marketers can gauge reaction from physical and emotional responses, the paper says.
Just 999 are set to hit the market in 2013, potentially as a trial to gauge reaction for a future full-scale production run.
In such close proximity it's easy to gauge reaction in the bleachers to each and every whistle.

Ejemplos de uso para "gauge reaction" en español

EnglishCommissioner, when I now gauge the Commission's reaction to what has happened in Germany, then there is a world of difference.
Señor Comisario, si comparo esta situación con la actuación de la Comisión ante lo sucedido en Alemania la diferencia me parece abismal.

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