Qué significa "gauge the change" en español


"gauge the change" en español

gauge the change
  • calibrar el cambio
  • medir el cambio

Ejemplos de uso para "gauge the change" en inglés

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Each individual robot doesn't know how many other robots are operating, but all are able to gauge changes in the structure and readjust on the fly accordingly.
Using results of the same survey from 2012 provides a benchmark to gauge changes in how women view the marketing of these brands.
Data for at least five to six years will be needed to gauge the changes.
A light ring around the gauges changes to green when the driver is driving efficiently.
For a country like ours, it is all the more important to gauge the changes occurring in its population at various age groups.
Gauge changes to rent expense and work with accounts to forecast the impact of such changes.
By gauging the change you effect, you can teach yourself to become more emotionally intelligent about your dealings with other humans.
This computer analysis then guides her fieldwork, which is aimed at gauging changes in wild bird communities in response to the changing habitat.
There are currently 11 automatic gauge changing facilities situated at strategic locations around the network, and these have rendered the once-challenging break-of-gauge an operational insignificance.

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