Qué significa "gauge the size" en español


"gauge the size" en español

gauge the size
  • medir el tamaño

Ejemplos de uso para "gauge the size" en inglés

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And we asked for revenue numbers in dollars, to gauge the size of the business these executives are in charge of.
He primarily went off old pictures and used a player's hat size to gauge the size of the head.
Ladies, there's no need to get into his pants (or receive a naughty picture message) in order to gauge the size of his package.
Users can use these figures to gauge the size of a piece in relation to them.
A bevvy of reports out recently have attempted to gauge the size, and make up of the game market, with some interesting results.
I used her grandmother's ring to gauge the size.
We're getting feedback from members as to the attractiveness of that option, to gauge the size.
However, given the information available it's hard to truly gauge the size of the different installation.
But remember that children under four years gauge the size of things by seeing if they fit in their mouths!
I didn't gauge the size till the audio function.

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