Qué significa "gaunt face" en español


"gaunt face" en español

gaunt face
  • cara mordaza
  • cara demacrada

Ejemplos de uso para "gaunt face" en inglés

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He is believed to be over 6ft tall, of slim build and had a gaunt face.
The man is described as being approximately 19 years old and of thin build with a gaunt face.
The other, taken just two years later, depicts a gaunt face, thin skin stretched over his skull, sunken cheeks, and a hunted, desperate look in his eyes.
The suspect is believed to be over 6ft tall, of slim build and had a gaunt face.
An expression of compassion transforms his gaunt face; soulful heavy-lidded eyes seem to look right at me.
At least up to this point, he says, and a rueful smile flickers across his gaunt face.
He looked at the reporters who swarmed him and shoved microphones to his gaunt face.
Her father, a poor tenant farmer with a gaunt face and coat-hanger-thin body who waits outside, says the father is their neighbour -- a grown man with two children.
You naturally lose subcutaneous tissue, bone, and muscle as you age, resulting in a gaunt face and hands.
The painter has caught himself in media res, in the midst of shaving that gaunt face of his.

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