Qué significa "gaze out" en español


"gaze out" en español

gaze out
  • mirar hacia fuera

Ejemplos de uso para "gaze out" en inglés

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Slide into a deck chair on the front, and gaze out to sea (on days when it's calm and bathed in hazy sunshine).
When you reach the top, you can hang out in hammocks and gaze out to sea.
You can sit on a lounger while trailing your legs in the cool water, or jump in and gaze out to sea.
I turn to gaze out to the scenery that rolls by.
While the violence and upheavals of the era are kept to the film's edges, we're repeatedly asked to gaze out to that horizon.
But she also had time to gaze out the windows and see the majesty of our planet from the ultimate high perspective.
I take a moment to gaze out the window at the waves and take a deep breath.
Those checking in here, can sit in the lounge and gaze out over the water, or hang out on the small deck, under the trees.
I finish writing these words, to gaze out with complacency upon my swimming pool, basking in sunshine.
We hope it will inspire many people to spend some time reading, or merely reflecting as they gaze out to sea.

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