Qué significa "gearshift lever" en español


"gearshift lever" en español

gearshift lever
  • palanca de cambios
  • palanca de cambio de marchas

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One's a tray-like surface in front of the gearshift lever.
The gearshift lever, on the right side of the cockpit, had a secondary lever on it which operated the clutch.
First it was the little things like the gearshift lever breaking off, headlamp blow-outs and whatnot.
The cockpit features a freestanding steering column that carries the 6.5 inch instrument cluster, start/stop button and gearshift lever.
A redesigned gearshift lever and enhanced internal packaging have resulted in a smoother, sportier gearshift.
The stubby, short-throw gearshift lever is just where you want it to be, and those alloy pedals encourage the fast-fading art of heel-and-toe gear changes to be rekindled.
The chunky steering wheel and stubby gearshift lever are perfectly proportioned - each complementing the car's peerless handling and reassuring, maximum-feel driving experience.
Okay, the sedan has a steering column mounted gearshift lever while it's conventionally placed in the coupe - that's the biggest difference between the two when it comes to the dash.

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