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"gel coat" en español

gel coat
  • capa de gel

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On top of the gel coat, workers put layer upon layer of fiberglass mats, laminating them with resin.
With a tooling strategy in place, the next step was to spec the gel coat.
To make a boat, a gel coat is sprayed on the mold, serving as the boat's outer most layer.
While it is available in three colours, the powder will take on the colour of the gel coat underneath.
Craters can form because the gel coat lacks the proper surface tension balance, which causes the coating to be repelled by certain areas of the mold.
You can also put a polyester gel coat finish on it with a flax fibre laminate underneath which results in an excellent finish in its own right.
Each gel coat formulation was sprayed onto a panel with surface properties that matched a typical open mold.
After demolding, the hull received only a proprietary gel coat polish.
A father-son duo heads up the paint and gel coat shop.

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