Qué significa "gel contain" en español


"gel contain" en español

gel contain
  • contiene gel
  • gel contienen

Ejemplos de uso para "gel contain" en inglés

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The team then created gels containing primary liver cells to test whether their technique could improve their function.
However, a new analysis suggests that nasal gels containing zinc and nasal swabs with zinc have most likely caused a loss of smell in some users.
After a week, cells within gels containing the cadherin peptide exhibited more genetic markers of chondrogenesis than any of the controls.
Scientists boosted the testosterone levels of 46 men by smearing their skin with a gel containing the hormone.
Scientists say the days of suffering needles for younger-looking skin could soon be gone after they developed a rub-on gel containing the powerful toxin.
The little lizard is lined in plasmonic displays created out of gold-infused glass encased in an electrolyte gel containing silver ions.
Sprays or gels containing local anaesthetics such as lidocaine can numb the pain.
For dry skin, use a cleansing gel containing ingredients like aloe vera.

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