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"gel packs" en español

gel packs
  • paquetes de gel

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On the basis of techniques, the market is composed of liquid nitrogen, dry ice, and gel packs.
The usual treatment has been to simply turn off heat sources or use cold gel packs to lower infants' temperatures in an attempt to prevent brain damage.
There are $1 gel packs that can be heated or frozen.
A new warning from park conservationists has slammed the "dangerous" new phenomenon of cyclists discarding gel packs during recent races held at the park.
Frozen peas or gel packs in the freezer or fridge would work too.
The petrochemical complex is expected to spawn at least a score of downstream units making products ranging from paints and inks to diapers, cooling gel packs and hand sanitizers.
It's a new phenomenon, particularly because so many more people are taking up competitive endurance cycling and use gel packs.
So, just place some silica gel packs with them.
Open water swimmers keep gel packs in their bathing suits and drink them at intervals during the race.

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