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"gel pads" en español

gel pads
  • almohadillas de gel

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Equip your most trusted bridesmaid with a packet of gel pads, plasters, blister pads and an antiseptic foot ointment.
The purpose of gel pads, is to alleviate the enormous amount of pressure on a ballerina's toes.
There are many types of gel pads to accommodate many types of feet; some are completely gel, and others are made of a thinner wool material.
But you might consider putting a few plasters and gel pads into your handbag because it's going to be a long day, and an even longer night.
The prostheses were fitted using gel pads and a strap which fits around her tummy.
Gel pads can also be made of both gel and wool.
Various different cushion components are used in shoes, with hidden gel pads being very popular and effective on good comfort shoes these days.
You will be on your feet all day and after gel pads, the second important thing to remember is a small, fold up umbrella for your bag.
The clasp of the headset is quite strong to ensure good contact between gel pads and skin, so the face feels a little squashed.

Ejemplos de uso para "gel pads" en español

EnglishSeven studies including 859 women compared cooling treatments such as ice, cold gel pads, or cold bath with no treatment, or other treatments.
Siete estudios que incluían 859 pacientes y comparaban los tratamientos con frío como el hielo, las compresas de gel frías o el baño frío con ningún tratamiento u otros tratamientos.

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