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gender categories
  • categorías de género

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The world is not gender neutral and so it is little wonder that we think in gender categories.
At this point, no one is suggesting we throw gender categories out the window.
The definition is framed by those who wish to protect gender categories and make natural those institutions and behaviors that are social fabrications.
In those cases where an athlete wishes to change gender categories, policies and procedures would cover this contingency.
Behind this pronouncement are stereotypical definitions of masculinity and femininity that reflect rigid gender categories of patriarchal society.
Gender categories in sports derive from biological facts, not from social norms.
We can engage such strategies while understanding that gender categories are high-stakes social constructions deployed in ways that endanger and harm socially determined groups.
Does instructing children to take up new gender categories (all loosely based around standard stereotypes of feminine and masculine) resolve stereotypes of gender?
Dissecting this into gender categories reveals that 48% of men and 16% of women are part of the country's labour force.
There are vast differences within gender categories based on these other points of difference, and based on attitude and parenting models.

Ejemplos de uso para "gender categories" en español

EnglishIt sets out a strategy involving measures in various categories: gender equality, the political system, employment, education, health, and violence against women.
Expone una estrategia que comprende medidas en diversas categorías: igualdad de género, sistema político, empleo, educación, salud, y violencia contra las mujeres.

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