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"gender composition of" en español

gender composition of
  • composición de género de

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But a quick glance at the gender composition of society's most influential leaders suggests that there is still a lot of work to do.
Here, we're focused on the gender composition of those 3.3 million workers who earn at or below the minimum wage.
Legislated "reserved seats" regulate the gender composition of elected bodies by reserving a certain number or percentage of seats for women members.
Notwithstanding the above circumstances and initiatives taken to transform the gender composition of the judiciary, the change is still disappointing.
She claimed it failed to give sufficient weight to the gender composition of the selection committee.
Some business schools have taken a more critical look at the gender composition of their faculty and the role that gender bias plays.
The gender composition of the schools was not taken into account either.
The amendments would also require all federally registered public companies to disclose the gender composition of their boards and senior management, and their diversity policies.

Ejemplos de uso para "gender composition of" en español

EnglishNor is it the business of this House to dictate the gender composition of electoral lists.
Tampoco incumbe a esta Asamblea dictar la composición por sexos de las listas electorales.
EnglishWe condemn as disorientating the talk about changing the gender composition of power.
Consideramos que el debate sobre el cambio de la composición del poder en cuanto a géneros provoca desorientación.

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