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"gender dynamics" en español

gender dynamics
  • dinámica de género

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But with time, women will definitely be empowered because of the bill as it will have its effect on patriarchy and change the gender dynamics.
It's interesting when you delve into any social scenario and examine the gender dynamics.
Davis began to elaborate on the curious gender dynamics at the party.
Jansen, in her vexation, has landed on the gender dynamics of anonymous odium.
That gender dynamics and societal attitudes toward them can be discussed openly in the public sphere can not be oversold as a positive development.
Women are as interested in it as men, which feels very modern for where we are at with gender dynamics.
Participating in this second wave means experiencing different types of gender dynamics and the sound of different languages and different discourses around violence.
The first season of the show explored the complex nature of modern-day relationships in the face of marriage, family, friendship, loyalty and gender dynamics.
Interestingly, as well, there is also a gender dynamics at play in a culture of non-readers.
It will be interesting to see how these gender dynamics play out in younger couples.

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