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gender groups
  • grupos de género

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And you insist on taking that away for certain ethnic and gender groups.
Clothing and accessories were the one category in which offline purchasers outnumbered online shoppers across all age and gender groups.
Despite increased education and awareness by the government, non-profit organisations and gender groups, domestic violence persists in the country.
It's one of the biggest studies to examine so-called silent heart attacks, and to also explore them across racial and gender groups.
Phasiwe said it was their prerogative to employ previously disadvantaged race and gender groups.
The rejection of public funding for separate schools was consistent across age and gender groups.
The trend applied to most ethnic and gender groups, although not to black men.
There was little difference across age and gender groups.
Their experiment set out to test research suggesting that at five-year-old girls and boys often positively benefit from mixed gender groups.
She added that teachers will receive "continued professional development" to help them teach mixed gender classes, and single gender groups.

Ejemplos de uso para "gender groups" en español

EnglishHowever, I am not convinced that an approach based on gender or on separate groups represents the ideal solution to this.
Sin embargo, no estoy convencida de que un planteamiento basado en el género o en grupos separados represente la solución ideal a esto.
EnglishGender was found to be a significant variable in both trials, and accordingly the results were analysed in gender groups.
Se halló que el sexo era una variable significativa en ambos ensayos y, en consecuencia, los resultados se analizaron en grupos según el sexo.
EnglishNor can I see any reason for Brussels to micromanage physical education, with demands for mixed gender groups and special sex education.
Tampoco veo ningún motivo para que Bruselas microgestione la educación física, con exigencias respecto a la composición de grupos en cuanto al género y a una educación sexual específica.

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