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"gender imbalance" en español

gender imbalance
  • desequilibrio de género

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The migration might seem to be a measure to correct the gender imbalance, but the ultimate goal is producing sons.
The sentiment behind it is to bolster female representation at administrative level and redress the gender imbalance.
We have however taken a few good steps towards addressing the gender imbalance.
Workshops aimed at teaching young women how to use tools are being offered around the country in a bid to break the gender imbalance.
One such is, at the risk of sounding cliched, the gender imbalance that is both interesting and discouraging.
We are all aware by now of the gender imbalance that exists in the film industry.
Pite suggests that the gender imbalance in choreography is a classical ballet world problem that doesn't exist the same way in contemporary dance.
The gender imbalance in our top kitchens is off the scale.
But, compared to other professions that suffer from a gender imbalance, nursing is still incredibly skewed.

Ejemplos de uso para "gender imbalance" en español

EnglishThe proposal also allows positive action to redress gender imbalance.
La propuesta también permite las acciones positivas para corregir desequilibrios de género.

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