Qué significa "gender inequity" en español


"gender inequity" en español

gender inequity
  • desigualdad de género
  • inequidad de género

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Because you're not only contributing to racial and gender inequity, you're leaving money on the table.
Londoners have become increasingly aware of homelessness, mental illness, inadequate housing, food insecurity, unemployment, and gender inequity.
However, owing to gender inequity, it is often easier for boys to leave forced marriages, live as divorcees, remarry, and regain control of their lives.
There is a lack of dialogue due to gender inequity.
True, gender inequity will not end the planet as we know it, as global warming will.
Support for addressing gender inequity in the research workforce is a key issue.
However, mounting documentation on the extent of the gender inequity has brought with it the attendant media attention that opens boardroom doors.
More than half of employees (regardless of gender) felt gender inequity was an issue in their workplace.
Yet it's discordant when played out against a backdrop of inattention to gender inequity during the campaign -- violence against women, reproductive rights, pay equity.
All around the world, gender inequity is a focus.

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