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"gender norms" en español

gender norms
  • normas de género

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Putnam suggests that drag has different purposes when it comes to subverting gender norms.
Prince transcended boundaries in every area: music, fashion, politics, gender norms.
What do you think about the show challenging traditional gender norms?
Taking the gender norms and walking the line with them.
This piece will examine how gender norms may interfere with human rights and thereby perpetuate vulnerability.
But other parts of the survey pointed to deeply entrenched gender norms and worrying attitudes towards domestic violence.
I feel like people are kind of confused about gender norms.
This set-up alone allows for the show to directly confront and reject established gender norms.
And now is the time to model something other than antiquated gender norms.
It's probably because the essence of queerness implies challenging, avoiding, and questioning traditional gender norms and social relations.

Ejemplos de uso para "gender norms" en español

EnglishI want all people to be able to choose without consciously or unconsciously being influenced by various gender-stereotyped norms.
Me gustaría que todos pudiesen elegir sin que diferentes normas basadas en estereotipos de género les influyesen consciente o inconscientemente.

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