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"gender politics" en español

gender politics
  • política de género

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Admittedly, that sporting pair owe their election more to the arcane workings of the preferential voting system than to gender politics.
But this was a wildly revealing statement from a major company with regard to gender politics.
My understanding of my personal identity evolves constantly through interacting with my wife and getting to know her perspective on cultural and gender politics.
Talk to a woman about her tattoos for an hour, and you will have a rich conversation about art, beauty, identity and gender politics.
And men's health shouldn't be made to suffer for gender politics.
This was a massive upheaval, not just for the rigid class system, but for gender politics.
Kids -- actual young people, not man-children stamping their feet on the internet -- don't care about gender politics.
We had to have gender politics inserted into everything.
Elements of the mythical and the fantastical intertwine with hard core reality, gender politics and textures of space and place.
Then again, the show's popularity may have less to do with gender politics and more to do with the general economy.

Ejemplos de uso para "gender politics" en español

EnglishYou have to doubt how serious the EU is about gender politics.
Una sólo puede cuestionar hasta qué punto la UE es seria sobre la política del género.
EnglishIt is even a phasing-out of gender equality in politics.
Es incluso una reducción gradual de la igualdad de género en la política.

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