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"gender status" en español

gender status
  • situación de género
  • género

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Broadus's story is not unique -- the same risk applies to black trans men who are stealth or private about their gender status.
With this, it is proven that ladies are starting to man up to people who give them little or no regard as a result of their gender status.
She accuses the national examinations body of preventing her from being employed by refusing to change her academic certificates to reflect her current gender status.
These two awards signify how the gender status is changing and how more women are empowered to effect positive changes in their own society.
I look it from the prespective of weak and strong gender status quo establised since eons.
If a student discloses their gender status to staff, staff should privately ask the student how they want to be addressed in correspondence going home.
Barriers to access a smartphone are not determined either by social or gender status.
The online sessions are open to everyone in the constituency -- disregarding class, literacy, social and gender status, and location.
Even if children's responses or subsequent behaviours aren't radically altered, the process of asking children to think about the "why", acts as a circuit breaker to the gender status quo.
According to provincial press accounts, she had successfully legalized her gender status from man to woman, including amending the birth certificate.

Ejemplos de uso para "gender status" en español

EnglishThe fundamental schooling principle of the Norwegian government is that everyone has the same rights to education, regardless of social status, gender, background or special needs.
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EnglishFurthermore, the report contains a number of specific ideas which should lead to a breakthrough as regards the status of gender in health.
Además, en el informe hay una serie de ideas concretas que permitirían avanzar en el empeño de cambiar el orden de las cosas en materia de género y la salud.

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