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"gendered division of" en español

gendered division of
  • división de género de

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For example the gendered division of labour in most societies assigns many reproductive roles to women and productive ones to men.
Shaping beliefs and values about the gendered division of labor starts early in a child's life, through the family, society and the school system.
The gendered division of labour usually means that women are responsible for most domestic tasks; women and children are worst affected by the health impacts of smoke inhalation for example.
The homes also reflected reformers' ideas about the gendered division of labor.
These sectors are undervalued and underpaid precisely because they mirror (and reproduce) the gendered division of labour that typically occurs within the home.
We should also pay close attention to the gendered division of paid childcare.
Before about 1750, marriage was a gendered division of labor -- someone needed to butcher the meat while someone kept the books, cleaned the shop, and fed the apprentices.
Society and culture also promote a gendered division of labor in which men are considered providers and women homemakers who belong in the kitchen.

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