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"gene cause" en español

gene cause
  • causa génica
  • causa genética

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If a gene causes one of its copies to sacrifice itself, but saves two other copies in the process, it's up on the deal.
Overexpression of this gene causes degradation of the neuronal sheath (myelin) responsible for nerve dysfunction, followed by loss of nerve conduction.
It might be down to genes causing both brain-shrinking and obesity, or it could be that changes occurring in the brain lead to overeating.
Pai explained that leukemia cases most likely emerged because the inserted gene caused oncogenes to activate.
Now, experiments have revealed that a faulty version of the gene causes energy from food to be stored as fat rather than burned.
Bowman said that there possible applications for the results as mutations in the gene cause the plant to skip a generation.
Mutations that inactivate this gene cause severe birth defects in humans.
One of the challenges in applying genetic information in treating disease has been that it's hard to isolate the genes causing a particular disease.
This genomic information, coupled with our knowledge of the genes causing disease mentioned above will give people a genetic roadmap of their potential inherited diseases.

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