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gene doping
  • dopaje genético

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The attraction of gene doping is that it is much harder to detect.
Gene doping was, in fact, part of the growing human desire for enhancement and improvement, not only in sport, but also in "human culture generally".
Nevertheless, there is one basic and overall problem with gene doping, at least right now.
Some athlete, somewhere, is probably experimenting with gene doping.
The technology that would make gene doping possible is getting there, and scientists are trying to stay one step ahead of athletes.
The as-yet-unrealized prospect of gene doping has led some regulatory bodies to preemptively ban any non-therapeutic uses of genetic technology in sports.
So far, those trying to convince athletes they know the secret of gene doping are selling the sizzle, not the steak.
Yet despite such nasty outcomes, the ethical debate over gene doping is hotter than ever.

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