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"gene duplication" en español

gene duplication
  • duplicación génica
  • duplicación de genes

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Amylase "gene duplication" is a feature of human evolution as well, with modern humans carrying more copies of the amylase gene than their primate ancestors.
What do hox genes, gene duplication, evo-devo and ontogenetic information all have in common?
Gene duplication, that can give genes entirely new functions, was thought to be how male pregnancy developed in the seahorse.
Consider, for example, the evolution of the globins, one of the most commonly cited textbook examples of gene duplication.
Interestingly, primitive liverworts have only one such gene, suggesting that rapid gene duplication occurred during the early evolution of land plants.
The natural processes of gene duplication plus mutation and selection produces new genetic information all the time.
Because this conversion is thought to be relatively simple, it suggests that the model of evolution by gene duplication could not produce even many modest gene conversions.
Gene duplication has been proposed as playing a key role in innovation since the 1970s, but these findings add important empirical evidence to support this theory.
Their success provides new support for a controversial theory about protein evolution called the gene duplication and fusion hypothesis.

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