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"gene encode" en español

gene encode
  • codificación génica
  • código genético

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Both genes encode transcription factors, which means that their protein product controls what genetic information is used in the formation of a cell.
In addition, the proteins that these genes encode can be used to protect other biological material like bacteria, yeast, and certain enzymes - from desiccation.
Each gene encodes a specific set of instructions -- a recipe of sorts -- for a particular cell component.
These genes encoded for enzymes called cytochromes, which are capable of inactivating digoxin.
The researchers had earlier discovered that genes encoding secretory proteins are abundantly expressed in the livers of people with type 2 diabetes.
The gene encodes for a ciliary protein that is expressed in lots of tissues of the body.
This gene encodes a polypeptide that switches other genes on and off by binding to their regulatory sequences.
The scientists then produced the proteins those genes encode and turned them into crystals.
Genes encode proteins, which enact a lifeform's vital functions, and proteins are made of strings of amino acids.
Each gene encodes the instructions for producing one of tens of thousands of proteins that conduct the business of life within our bodies.

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